Welcome To J.R.CASTING.

It is rightly said, hard work always pays. After continuous hard work, J.R. Group established a General Engineering and Casting Unit in the year 2010. In the beginning, we were manufacturing Duplex CI Mould later on we added products like counterweights, simplex moulds, CI Slag Pots, Ingot Moulds, ESR Moulds, Pipe Moulds, Trumpets, Bottom Plates. We can make a single piece of Castings weighing up to 45 MT in Grey iron castings and 11 MT in SG Iron Casting. J.R. Casting is one of the largest counter weight manufacturers for major OEM’s in India and globally.
With strong demand from the international market, we started exporting the products to different countries in the year 2013. JR Casting is a complete one-stop solution having all manufacturing facilities required for engineering casting like induction furnace, in-house machining, heat treatment, designing and R & D department to fulfil all the requirements of customers and provide them best in class service.
We are capable of producing a wide spectrum of Cast Iron Castings like all kinds of solid counters-weights with Heat Resistant, Acid Resistant, Hi-chrome, Wear Resistant, Compacted Graphite Iron Castings, etc.